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NPANS executives are advocating for the role of the Nurse Practitioner, the health of Nova Scotia, and policy. They are elected at the AGM conference.
Our Team


Robert Burrows

Robert Burrows


Robert graduated from UCCB with degrees in biology and psychology, followed by a nursing degree from St. Francis Xavier University in 2004. He worked in Halifax in long-term care, dialysis, and emergency before moving home to Cape Breton. He worked for 11 years in the emergency departments there, and over the last 3 of those years completed his Master of Nursing from Dalhousie University through distance education. Since then he has been working as a Nurse Practitioner in primary care in Glace Bay.
Robert currently lives in Dominion with his wife and three girls.
Claire Blight

Claire Blight


Claire is a graduate of Athabasca University Nurse Practitioner program (2015). Her nursing
career spans 40 years, having worked 29 years at the IWK; 25 as the Maritime Coordinator for
Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis.

Claire’s nursing experience includes both adult and pediatric emergency, adult ICU, obstetrics,
VON and grant writing for several research projects and service funding. She has worked on
several research projects, presenting findings at various conferences.
Currently Claire works at the Pauline Potter Community Health Center in Halifax as Family All
Ages NP.

Claire is looking forward to working with everyone to enhance the role of all NP’s across the

Past Chair:

Deborah Hart


Deborah, an NP for over a decade began her career in nursing, many years prior, while in the Canadian Forces and worked at both Dartmouth General and the QEII in Emergency and Cardiology. Her multifaceted nursing career continued into the Arctic where she worked remotely for years before returning to Nova Scotia to continue her work in Emergency, while obtaining her Masters degree.

Upon receiving her Masters degree and NP license she traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa post-civil war and lead a team across the country performing HIV testing of over 5000 people and ensuring appropriate medication and counselling was in place for those affected. As an NP she continued in Emergency and Trauma, and returned to the Arctic providing both Emergency coverage in addition to Primary Health Care services. As a Nurse Practitioner back in Nova Scotia she began work at the first Collaborative Emergency Center in Cape Breton prior to opening her own independent practice.

Currently specializing in Medical Aesthetics and Sexual Wellness she owns and operates two Medical Spa’s in addition to the Atlantic Training Institute for Medical Aesthetics which she partners with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine also as faculty. She sits on numerous boards and associations, both nationally and internationally for both aesthetics and sexual wellness and is invited to present nationally as an expert speaker. A huge advocate of education, she has taught for Athabasca University’s Master of Nursing program, Nurse Practitioner students, advanced physical assessments and performed their OSCE’s for the past 5 years, a position she enjoys as an adjunct to having preceptored many NP students throughout her career.

She currently sits on the Nurse Practitioner Association of Canada Council, the Provincial Nursing Network and the Executive Organizing Committee for the International Council of Nurses – Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse Network 2020 Conference as just of a few of the leadership roles representing Nurse Practitioners in Nova Scotia in her role as Chair.

Treasurer - Clare MacEachern

Treasurer - Clare MacEachern


Clare MacEachern BScN MN NP CHN CDE, and NP for 9 years, working currently at the Waycobah First Nations Community Health Center, Whycocomagh. She has been a Registered Nurse for 32 years employed in multiple fields of nursing including acute, emergency, long term care, and home care. She has worked as a CHN in the NWT and holds that role in current employment. She worked in a management role for 10 years as a nursing supervisor and Unit manager.
Executive Secretary - Georganne MacDonald

Executive Secretary - Georganne MacDonald


Georg (don’t dare call her Georgann) began her nursing career over 30 years ago, having trained as an RN at Mount Royal College. She worked in multiple positions on Medicine, Emergency, ICU in the Northern Lights Regional Hospital in Fort McMurray, AB. When she read about Doctors Without Borders, she was inspired to become a Nurse Practitioner, and after a number of years as the Director of Aeromedical Services for Air Mikisew, she headed north to be Head Nurse of the Fort Chipewyan Nursing Station, all while completing her Bachelor of Nursing, and her Master’s degree in Advanced Practice Nursing.


At the end of her Master’s degree, Georg and her long-suffering husband Harry (her description, not ours) moved to Nova Scotia where she began her career as a Nurse Practitioner in 2011. In 2012 she achieved her goal of working for Doctors Without Borders and left Nova Scotia for a 9-month mission in Afghanistan followed by a second mission in South Sudan. After completing her missions, she settled into family practice in Barrington, Clark’s Harbour, and Shelburne.

Georg completed her Doctorate of Nursing in 2018, at George Washington University in Washington DC. When she heard that Digby was beginning a new program in their Emergency Department, she applied to work with their exemplary team. She has been working in the ED for the past 12 months and loves her new job.

NP Student - Chris Browner

NP Student - Chris Browner

Executive Student NP representative

I am currently in my last semester of graduate studies at Dalhousie University, pursuing a master’s in nursing to become a nurse practitioner with a focus in Family of All Ages.

I am a registered nurse with over a decade of emergency and critical care nursing experience. I am a nursing educator in both the classroom and at the interface of care. I have a passion for nursing, for education, and for promoting health and wellness.

Some of the most encouraging and courageous role models in my life are health care providers, namely nurses, which inspired me to follow in their footsteps. I intend to remain in Cape Breton after graduation, and serve my community, working diligently to bridge gaps in health care as a family nurse practitioner.

Duties of the Executive Committee

Executive Information:

The duties of the Executive Committee as a whole shall be:

To provide leadership for NPANS members and the Nurse Practitioner Role in Nova Scotia and across Canada through NPAC-ACIIPA. A co-chair (or designate) shall sit on the National NPAC-ACIIPA Provincial Partners Committee. To plan and implement strategies to increase NPANS membership.

The Executive Committee: Consists of:

  • Chair(s)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Chair-Elect(s)
  • Past Chair(s)
  • Nova Scotia NP student (non-voting member)

There is provision for two co-chair positions and two co-chair elect positions. If two co-chair positions are not possible, then there will be just one co-chair for that term. The past chair(s) acts as an advisor(s) to the executive committee and holds a non-voting position.

The Chair-Elect position will be a one year term, followed by a two year term for Chair and a one year commitment for Past Chair. Secretary, Treasurer and student representative will be a two year term.

We are currently still recruiting for the role of Co-Chair elect. Please let us know your interest or someone you would like to nominate.

NPANS Executive Positions Available

At the AGM we’ll vote on New Executive (2018-2020) – Co-chair Elects (2) and Secretary (1).

Eligibility to Hold Elected Office

(a) Active members with full membership status in the NPANS shall be eligible as officers,
except as precluded in b, c, and d below.
(b) No member shall hold the same Executive Committee office for more than two (2) terms.
(c) No member shall hold more than one (1) office at a time
(d) A member shall be eligible for re-election to the same office after a lapse of two (2) years.

All officers shall maintain active membership.

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