Nurse Practitioners’

Association of Nova Scotia


NPANS is a non-profit, volunteer professional association that supports and promotes the role of the Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Practitioner student. The goal of NPANS is to enhance the health of Nova Scotians through the advocacy, support and development of the Nurse Practitioner role.

NPANS Membership

Becoming a member of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Nova Scotia (NPANS) is not just joining another association. You will be engaging with a group of very vibrant, diverse and dedicated Nurse Practitioners.

Participation in NPANS is an excellent opportunity to highlight the many roles of Nurse Practitioners in research, leadership, education, clinical practice and collaboration across the various healthcare disciplines.

Membership offers access to committee engagement, educational opportunities, e-journals, education grants, educational resource list, membership and social events.

Membership to the Nurse Practitioners Association of Canada (NPAC) is included. Membership provides a forum and united voice to educate and advocate on behalf of all Nurse Practitioners in Nova Scotia to improve the health, wellness and care delivery for all Nova Scotians.

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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are graduate prepared advanced practice nurses who have successfully completed a written licencing exam which allows them to practice autonomously and independently. In Canada, NPs are licensed by jurisdictional nursing regulators.

Nurse Practitioners provide direct care to patients to diagnose and manage disease/illness, prescribe medications, order/interpret laboratory/diagnostic tests, perform medical procedures, and initiate referrals to specialists and other members of the healthcare team. NPs collaborate with other healthcare providers to provide comprehensive care. NPs are an invaluable member of the healthcare team.

Nurse Practitioners provide a range of health services to individuals of all ages, families, communities and groups, with a focus on promoting health and preventing illness.

Nurse Practitioners provide care in diverse healthcare settings; from community based clinics, speciality clinics, acute care settings, urgent care clinics, emergency room, correctional institutions, military clinics, IWK Children’s and Women’s Health and nursing homes.

Nurse Practitioners are a recognized solution to improving timely public access to quality healthcare. NPs complement traditional hospital and physician services and can help alleviate current gaps and waiting times in the healthcare system, especially in rural and remote communities.” (Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative, 2005).