Nurse Practitioners of Nova Scotia

Nurse Practitioner Association of Nova Scotia (NPANS) is a non-profit volunteer association that supports and promotes the role of the nurse practitioner.

The goal of NPANS is to enhance the health of Nova Scotians through advocacy, support, and development of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) role.

NPANS’s objectives include:

  • Upholding and promoting:
    • The Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) Nursing Practice Standards, Nova Scotia College of Nurses (NSCN) Standards of Practice for Nurse Practitioners and Competencies for Nurse Practitioners
  • Promoting NP practice, research, education, leadership, and advocacy.
  • Partnering with other healthcare organizations and interest groups to lobby government.
  • Providing advice and expertise to other professional organizations on NP practice.
  • Providing a voice for NPs as a key stakeholder on practice issues.
  • Developing continuing education programs which meet the specific needs of nurse practitioners.
  • Communicating with NPANS members on continuing education opportunities.
  • Partnering with consumers and other healthcare (and related) organizations to promote public visibility and awareness of the NP role within the healthcare system.
  • Encouraging NPANS members to collaborate with key stakeholders to promote optimal health of Nova Scotians.

NPANS Constitution (Updated September 2020)