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We aim to articulate and promote the practice of NPs throughout the province

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The Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Nova Scotia (NPANS) aims to articulate and promote the practice of NPs throughout the province, to support NPs in roles spanning varied settings, to provide leadership and encourage innovation among policy and decision makers focused on NP integration into the health care system to best meet the needs of Nova Scotians. The Association advocates for positive system change, appropriate and timely healthcare access, and provides education about the NP role to promote patient access to NP care, and strives to create a community of united and fully enabled NPs who openly communicate to promote practice and professional excellence.

Our association is affiliated with the Nova Scotia College of Nurses with whom we often partner in projects to share goals of evidence-based holistic practice, healthy policies, NP role support and professional development to enrich patient care. We communicate and collaborate with many professional associations and other key stakeholders, including, but not limited to:

We also participate in media coverage and often are consulted or invited to participate in committee activities to illuminate and move the NP role ahead in its full understanding, utilization and accountability in this province.